It’s Time to Prepare for AP Exams

    Abigail Kim – Staff Writer

There’s approximately a month left until AP testing, which means that it’s the time for sweat to drop from the foreheads of any high school student taking an AP class. Students are understandably stressed, as they must score well on their AP exams to earn college credit. In order to avoid dangerous levels of stress, here are some methods regarding studying and time management.

“I normally use practice tests to review what we did in class. This helps me understand what we might do. I also try to look over past assignments and units to refresh my memory,” says Junior Makenna Benson. Though this is considered an old method, it’s a great method. Simply looking through old notes, graded tests, or assignments allows your brain to open up the small gate to your memory. Finding previous tests to practice on will help you form a basis and familiarity with the test you will be taking.

Another useful technique is drawing. In his New York Times article “A Simple Way to Remember Things: Draw a Picture, Tim Herrera claims based off of the studies of Professor Jeffrey Wammes, “The three-act technique of picturing something in your mind, putting pen to paper to draw it, then looking at your drawing is a powerful memory trick that outperforms other ‘strong’ mnemonic strategies when it comes to memory.” In other words, drawing what you learned will help your memory in many ways; even better than just copying notes. Although this technique can’t be used for all of your needs, it does paste the image of what you learned into your mind. If you realize that your methods of memorization aren’t exactly working, then drawing a picture and analyzing will help significantly.

Beyond studying methods, you should also find ways to manage your time. The best thing to do would be to make a schedule. Create a daily planner, and mark which areas of your time are already taken over by other activities. Then, fill in the remaining space with time to study for each of your AP exams.

Sometimes, you may feel stressed even with well-functioning studying techniques and good time management. In such situations, you should take time to relax. “I video call my friends and we keep each other motivated while studying. It’s hard to keep myself stress free, but I remind myself to relax with tv shows or snacks once in a while,” said Junior Hyemin Kim.

Prom Fashion & Trends

by Himaja Mallampally

Prom Season is coming up fast, which means that dresses and Prom wear will be out and ripe for the picking. There are thousands of designs that you can pick and choose from. Sometimes it can get overwhelming trying to find that perfect dress. This guide to prom fashion can help you pick the perfect dress for your magical night.

The two main types of prom dresses are maxi and midi. Midi style prom dress come to around your knees and sometimes shorter or longer. Midis are perfect for heavy dancing and moving around because it is a cute and lightweight dress. Midis are usually paired with higher heels, or sandals. Maxi dresses are beautiful dresses that come to bottom of your legs. Most maxi dresses are on the heavier side, but also very regal and elegant. They are perfect for a grand or glam look. Maxis are also paired with heels, because they can be very long.

Jessica Pedroza, a Junior, said, Maxi dresses are beautiful and perfect for the prom because they are formal as well.” Both styles are definitely popular for Prom night, but also appropriate for other formal events so you could wear your Prom dress for another event.

Another popular style is two piece dresses that are very glamorous and beautiful. They come with a top and a long or short skirt. Two pieces mostly expose your midriff, but sometimes may be covered with tulle or a transparent mesh fabric. Maria Somali, a Junior said, “For my first Prom, I want to wear a two piece dress because the style is perfect for a glam look.” These dresses are perfect for a night of dancing or pictures with your friends.

Prom Dresses come in many different styles, have a large range of prices, and colors that you can choose from. If you can’t find the right dress for you, then you can have a dress custom made for you. However, sometimes the cost for custom made dresses can be expensive.

If you have a Prom date, a fun and popular idea is to match your dress color with your date. Matching outfits for prom is a super cute way to make memories and make the perfect fashion statement. As your Prom day approaches, make sure that you are prepared for the wave of colors and styles so that you can find your perfect dress and stand out for the perfect night of memories and magic.

It’s Time To Register For Classes

Shay Salyer – Staff Writer

Attention Underclassmen: Are you or someone you know struggling to find the perfect classes for your future at Ridge? For your future in college and beyond? Well, look no further! Here’s some advice on registering for classes that suit your interests and possible career paths.

If you are looking to incorporate the social sciences into your future, there’s a wide variety of classes at the Ridge, including Psychology, World History, US History, Human Geography, and Sociology. Future psychologists, as an example, would benefit greatly from taking Psychology AP. Other classes that would be beneficial for a future psychologist could include Anatomy and Physiology or Statistics AP.

Looking to have a career in business? Whether you want to move up and be a manager at your current restaurant job, want to open your own nail salon, or anything in between, there are classes here that will help you get to where you want to be. Take Economics, Marketing, and Finance classes.

Are the arts your thing? Sign up for dance, theater, band, or chorus! We also offer a variety of art classes, including Art and Photo, that may be a great addition to your schedule, while also helping you reach your graduation requirements. Don’t forget about cooking classes – yum!

Want to be a Physical Education teacher or do something involving exercise? Maybe take Sport For Life, or aid for one of the P.E. teachers during your senior year.

Let’s also keep in mind the great opportunities we have in our language department. The variety of languages that we are able to learn here at Marriotts Ridge is incredible. There’s German, Spanish, Italian, French, Latin, and Chinese. Ever wanted to study abroad? Taking these classes, at any level but especially advanced, will help tremendously if you decide to study abroad through college.

Are you still unsure about what you want to accomplish with your gift of life? Take Career Research and Development with Mrs. Moulds. This class is a great tool for learning what you are good at and what skills you might utilize in the future.

In general, choose classes that are challenging, but do not push yourself too much. School can be fun and useful for your future, so make the most out of it!

Midterm Madness: Tips and Tricks To Get Through Midterms

Grace Underwood – Features Editor

Following the week after winter break, students are thrown back into the school year with Midterms coming up in just a few weeks. Whether you’re a Freshmen or a Senior, these tips and tricks will help you deal with the stress of Midterms and manage your time.

With regard to your diet and sleep, you should try to stay as healthy as possible before and during Midterms. Always remember to get enough sleep and maybe cut back on the junk food for a bit just to give your body that extra boost of nutrition from fruits and vegetables. “Get a lot of sleep. It’s way more important than most people realize,” advices Junior Tess Dandridge. Sleep helps your brain remember what you learned that day, so if you aren’t getting enough sleep your brain isn’t getting enough time to process and remember all that you learned for the day. Besides helping you remember what you have learned, getting enough sleep is crucial to helping you stay awake and focused during the test. Since you will be taking your Midterms so early in the morning an extra few hours of sleep than normal will go a long way.

The closer you get to Midterm week, the more stressed out your friends and peers will be. A good way to prevent yourself from getting overwhelmed is to plan out your free time to accommodate for extra study time. Go to your calendar and mark what times you plan to study, whether that’s an hour every night before bed or blocking off a couple hours every day on the weekends. Also, cramming for a test as big as the Midterm the night before will only stress you out more and you won’t remember as much as you think you will. “If you just tell yourself to not worry about them [Midterms] and really don’t get stressed about them, it helps calm you during testing season and you’ll find it’s much nicer to study for them while calm and relaxed versus all tense and stressed out,” advices Senior Emily Wood.

If you’re a Freshman and don’t know what to expect, your teachers will be talking about Midterms in your classes, and you should feel free to ask any upperclassmen about Midterms. The week before Midterms, your teacher will inform you about after school study sessions where they will go over important subjects and let you ask questions. Also, don’t ignore the study guides they give you. Even though you may have notes you’ve taken, going through a study guide will help remind you of what to remember and help you figure out what you will need to study more.

Good luck to all students!