Marketing Fair During Lunch Shifts Today in the Commons

For the first time at Marriotts Ridge, students have gathered together to showcase modern marketing strategies and information about large businesses and companies that are taking over the world. The Marketing Fair is an effective way to show how much these students have been learning this past year and also a great way to expose our students to the marketing world.

This fair is taking place during all of the lunch shifts today, with various booths and student presenters. All of the presenters are part of the Principles of Marketing class, taught by Ms. Miller. This class teaches the students about the principles of marketing and business, and effective ways to showcase communication skills and advertising. The students in the class are passionate about their topics and ideas, and they are willing to share plenty of information about their projects during the fair. Iman Gul, Junior, said, “We are showing people ways to present and to inspire many others to do the same.”

In addition to teaching other students about marketing, the presenters themselves are also learning. Andrew Kim, Senior, said, “We are learning how to promote products as a campaign, and how to present different products.” Iman Gul added, “We are doing this to further our own experience with marketing and to help us in the future.”

Throughout the entire fair, these passionate students display their skills that they acquired throughout the year, and they inspire other students to take this class to help the students of MRHS prepare for a future in the business world.