It’s Time to Prepare for AP Exams

    Abigail Kim – Staff Writer

There’s approximately a month left until AP testing, which means that it’s the time for sweat to drop from the foreheads of any high school student taking an AP class. Students are understandably stressed, as they must score well on their AP exams to earn college credit. In order to avoid dangerous levels of stress, here are some methods regarding studying and time management.

“I normally use practice tests to review what we did in class. This helps me understand what we might do. I also try to look over past assignments and units to refresh my memory,” says Junior Makenna Benson. Though this is considered an old method, it’s a great method. Simply looking through old notes, graded tests, or assignments allows your brain to open up the small gate to your memory. Finding previous tests to practice on will help you form a basis and familiarity with the test you will be taking.

Another useful technique is drawing. In his New York Times article “A Simple Way to Remember Things: Draw a Picture, Tim Herrera claims based off of the studies of Professor Jeffrey Wammes, “The three-act technique of picturing something in your mind, putting pen to paper to draw it, then looking at your drawing is a powerful memory trick that outperforms other ‘strong’ mnemonic strategies when it comes to memory.” In other words, drawing what you learned will help your memory in many ways; even better than just copying notes. Although this technique can’t be used for all of your needs, it does paste the image of what you learned into your mind. If you realize that your methods of memorization aren’t exactly working, then drawing a picture and analyzing will help significantly.

Beyond studying methods, you should also find ways to manage your time. The best thing to do would be to make a schedule. Create a daily planner, and mark which areas of your time are already taken over by other activities. Then, fill in the remaining space with time to study for each of your AP exams.

Sometimes, you may feel stressed even with well-functioning studying techniques and good time management. In such situations, you should take time to relax. “I video call my friends and we keep each other motivated while studying. It’s hard to keep myself stress free, but I remind myself to relax with tv shows or snacks once in a while,” said Junior Hyemin Kim.