Prom Fashion & Trends

by Himaja Mallampally

Prom Season is coming up fast, which means that dresses and Prom wear will be out and ripe for the picking. There are thousands of designs that you can pick and choose from. Sometimes it can get overwhelming trying to find that perfect dress. This guide to prom fashion can help you pick the perfect dress for your magical night.

The two main types of prom dresses are maxi and midi. Midi style prom dress come to around your knees and sometimes shorter or longer. Midis are perfect for heavy dancing and moving around because it is a cute and lightweight dress. Midis are usually paired with higher heels, or sandals. Maxi dresses are beautiful dresses that come to bottom of your legs. Most maxi dresses are on the heavier side, but also very regal and elegant. They are perfect for a grand or glam look. Maxis are also paired with heels, because they can be very long.

Jessica Pedroza, a Junior, said, Maxi dresses are beautiful and perfect for the prom because they are formal as well.” Both styles are definitely popular for Prom night, but also appropriate for other formal events so you could wear your Prom dress for another event.

Another popular style is two piece dresses that are very glamorous and beautiful. They come with a top and a long or short skirt. Two pieces mostly expose your midriff, but sometimes may be covered with tulle or a transparent mesh fabric. Maria Somali, a Junior said, “For my first Prom, I want to wear a two piece dress because the style is perfect for a glam look.” These dresses are perfect for a night of dancing or pictures with your friends.

Prom Dresses come in many different styles, have a large range of prices, and colors that you can choose from. If you can’t find the right dress for you, then you can have a dress custom made for you. However, sometimes the cost for custom made dresses can be expensive.

If you have a Prom date, a fun and popular idea is to match your dress color with your date. Matching outfits for prom is a super cute way to make memories and make the perfect fashion statement. As your Prom day approaches, make sure that you are prepared for the wave of colors and styles so that you can find your perfect dress and stand out for the perfect night of memories and magic.