MRHS Performs The Sound of Music

by Abby Kim

The famous musical The Sound of Music was performed by the MRHS Theater Department in a fun and exciting manner from March 21st through the 23rd.

Students were really impressed with the quality of the performance. “It was really good. There was a diverse cast that portrayed the original movie really well,” exclaimed Anna Ottman, freshman.

“Their hidden talents were showcased and it was really fun to watch! Mariah was such an amazing character and I love the way she was portrayed,” explained Srinidhi Arumugam, freshman.

Although the audience can only see what happens on stage, there are many different aspects that make a musical the amazing spectacle that it is meant to be.

“The cast and crew worked alongside each other throughout the preparation for the musical. The crew handled all of the action that happened behind the scenes, while the cast is made up of the main roles and the ensemble,” explained Lacee Adams, member of the ensemble.

The play contained the classical songs from the original musical; each song with its own choreography and individuality that took a lot of rehearsals to perfect. “I’m really proud of the choreography this time—everything is well done,” exclaimed Emmy Mako, sophomore and member of the ensemble.

” The musical was so much fun and it was great to be part of such an iconic show!” said junior Ellie Parks.

Although stress-inducing, the members of the theater department who are participated in the creation of the musical were enthusiastic about the final performances and the display of their hard work.

“I think I enjoy working up towards the final product where all the cast is in costume and the props have been set up. I was looking forward to the first performance!” said Hashini Amarasinghe, who played Sister Sophie.

“The practices went well, and we were on track for four amazing performances! The music quality was also amazing,” said Matty Barbera, who played Friedrich.

“The play was really fun to be a part of! I’m extremely glad it turned out so well and I’m thankful that my family was able to come see us perform,” said sophomore Elizabeth Ottenritter.

To complement the amazing numbers that were in the musical, the MRHS orchestra performed during the play. “We met every Friday to practice, and we added Sundays as well in order to put out the best! The week before the performances was tech week, where everyone stayed at school until 8 everyday to rehearse with the people who will be performing.” explained Heejee Lee, sophomore and member of the orchestra.

Full of effort and long hours of rehearsal, The Sound of Music was a resounding success and a Broadway quality show.